Eliza’s Roar Affair Chapter 1

Laylah R Taylor

There once was a woman, she lived a very dull and busy life. She ached for excitement in a world filled with papers and long drawn out meetings. For her the world was her oyster, her only issue was she didn’t quite know how to take it on. Her friends always told her to explore life, find a man even. Well this was the day it all changed for her, she woke up one morning and decided to embark on an adventure. Now here’s the story of Eliza’s Roar Affair.

Well Im Eliza, I work for a bank. How exciting ….. Life has been an utter drag for me lately I work 50 hours a week maybe more sometimes. I have no social life, well if you count the Bakewells I eat every night. Maybe that counts for something. Recently I’ve been having some serious thoughts about my life. Do I like it? Do I enjoy it? What do I think is missing?. The grand conclusion is I need to firstly gain a sex life and stop being such a prude. Secondly I need some fun, not the normal type either the type to blow your socks off. I’ve achieved everything I need in my life Finance Director for one of the largest banks. A 5 bedroom house with a drive, garden and a garage. I have children too 2 boys 1 girl, thankfully they have all grown up now and live their adult lives. So they’re hardly ever home. I guess your wondering what happened to the husband? Well that’s a very interesting story. I was bored of boring sex , boring conversations , I was in fact bored of the very sight of him. 15 years of living a life of work and housewife duties, became very tedious. What do you do when your partner refuses to try new things? Do you try them anyway or do you let them go? So that you, can fulfil your own desires. Well clearly you can see where im going with this. I walked away from something that once was a beautiful romance , but even the most beautiful of flowers wither away.

Today I was to meet with one of my closest friends, her name is Sabrina. We met through work and whilst drowning in paperwork, we had a few brandy’s and began talking. Hours went by and we really hit it off. 5 years later we still enjoy the odd brandy or two. It’s been quite a while since I last saw her. I arrived at Rum and Sugar, Sabrina was already seated at the table with a drink ready for me. I sat and we began to conversate, this is were things started to go very wrong. Sabrina had just informed me that she had been offered a position at the bank , which meant she would work in my department. So that meant she became answerable to me. I mean Im glad she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves but I don’t want it to jeopardise our friendship. Well it gets even more interesting from here. Sabrina tells me, she doesn’t want to make things awkward between us, but there’s something she has to say. She follows by blurting out her sexual desires towards me. Now hold on. Back all the way up a second. Yes I said Sexual Desires. She told me she had dreamt of me frequently and how her dreams woke her up feeling very aroused. Now taken aback is clearly an understatement but I was half shocked to the soul and the other half was pleasantly intrigued by the thought of a female sexual encounter. It could be a very interesting experience. Well back to the matter , I of course for professional reasons told her that any type of relationship other than friendship and work colleagues was as far as it would ever go. I enjoyed 1 last drink with her before I headed home.

The next day in the office, I was staring out of the window for a brief moment before my door knocked. It was Alex, he was my assistant and very good at his job. I’m very mindful of the way that I speak to him. I’ve caught him staring at me many times in a very curious way, let’s leave it at curiosity shall we. Im telling this story terribly, I haven’t told you what I look like how rude of me. Im 5”6 long black curly hair with brown highlights I’m 40 years young and I live in heels pencil skirts and nothing but crisp white shirts. Im also a black female finance director, in case I didn’t mention that before. Anyway where was I, ah yes Alex. He was a very attractive young man 10 years younger than me, works out frequently and from what I can see has the stamina of a young lion cub. I think these are the thoughts of the sexually deprived mind. But we must not indulge in colleagues no matter how delectable they look. Alex had come to tell me that a man had called to give me a time for a dinner date. The man never left a name but just told him to make sure I was there. Sadly for Alex he had no idea who he had just spoken to or the exclusivity of the dinner date that was about to take place. There was only one man that has the power to make such things happen. My naughty little secret, well it was about to be. I met a man a few years older than me , he was a Spanish gentlemen incredibly charming and he knew the right word to say even before you have the thought. I think this is it. Tonight was the night. I had been deprived from physical contact for 23 months and 11 days. I was craving something intensely magical. So I left the office early to groom every inch of my body.

The restaurant was called Ametsa a wonderful Spanish restaurant in Westminster. I had eaten their once for a work lunch, from what I remember the food was divine. I was in a catch 22, I needed to find an outfit where I could still be a pig with a slight bloat and still manage to look sexy. If ever there was such a piece of clothing invented. I ended up picking out a Royal blue gown with off shoulder detail. My hair was tied up in a bun with my new Tiffany studs, a pair of silver strappy heels with a matching clutch bag and I was good to go. I had never spent so much time de hairing in my life. This Is when you know it’s a special occasion. I arrived at Ametsa , it was beautiful the candles the flowers around the table. It was truly a sight that touched my heart. I sat down and Demitrie had my full attention, It was his eyes that had me engrossed. His voice was making my body erupt in Goosebumps. The fragrance he was wearing was like he was running his words down the crease of my spine, I could feel myself becoming aroused. It wasn’t even the wine, It didn’t even have a chance to kick in yet. It was his soul, It was talking to mine. If im truly honest I wanted to rip his clothes off. Have you ever looked at a man and not heard a word that they’ve said. Instead  you undress them with your mind, hoping that everything your imagining really fits the dream. I think he noticed that I was not in the mood for an audience, as much as the conversation was delightful. I had an insatiable desire to be alone in a room, with nothing but us to give the walls entertainment.

Thankfully he called for the bill, which he discreetly paid for and then escorted me to his car. He had a driver waiting on standby. He asked me were I wanted to go, I said show me something new. Something exciting so that I could let my hair down. He spoke to his driver in Spanish, within 30 mins we arrived at a 5* star hotel. He escorted me out of the car and was a true gentlemen. That was until we entered the lift, which was beautiful I must say. An exquisite chandelier with complete mirrors from ceiling to floor, It made for a very interesting first kiss. Now ladies, I know you understand this, when a man kisses you and takes your whole breath away. But he turns you on and makes you want to marry him before you even understand what’s taken place.! I was experiencing that very thing. Now I’m a grown woman so feelings like that do not just appear, they take time and a hell of an effort. However Demitrie was of a different calibre, he was something that I needed deep within my soul, not just between my legs.

We stepped out into the penthouse suite, it was an incredible sight. As I stepped out of the lift, I felt his breath on the back of my neck. I barely had time to take it all in, he kissed my neck and wrapped his hands around my waist. I turned to face him, his hands, his fingertips embraced me in a deep hug and a kiss that made me groan so loud. I wanted him right there at that very second. I needed to feel that very thing I craved. Intimacy.

He took my hand and lead me to the bedroom, a queen-size bed with flowers everywhere and candles. There was a big black box on the bed with a bright purple ribbon on. He told me to open it. Obviously I was very excited inside and wanted to rip it open, but I had to be sophisticated and elegant and open it like a lady. Where is the fun in that? Well when I opened the box, my eyes were as wide as could be, my mouth slightly ajar in shock. But then I smiled, I took out of the box a rope, handcuffs, bondage tape and a range of dildos and vibrators. I turned around, looked him in the eyes and said where do you want me to sit baby?

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the very first chapter of Eliza’s Roar Affair the next part will be out on the 8.11.2017

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