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Welcome To The Roarvolution
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Introducing Eden

Erotic Stories

On a cold wet and grey London morning, after my usual early morning commute into the the city. I stopped to pause for a minute and gather my thoughts for a moment. To face what would pan out to be a most challenging day.
I ushered myself into the nearest cafe I could find. It was interestingly furnished with potted plants and antique wooden table and chairs. It was sparsely lit, warm and cosy but most importantly they served hot drinks.

I made my way to the counter ordered my favourite caramel latte, and with the mornings paper in my other hand found a comfortable area to warm up and steady myself.

I sat down enjoying my drink, in the comfort of the gossip columns. For some unknown reason I found myself distracted  and my attention shifted from the pages in front of me to the cue forming at the counted across the room.

It was there, I laid eyes on her. Her eccentric demeanour, her poise, her elegance, through the delicate lighting in the cafe I was transfixed by her appearance. She was dressed in a comfortable red business suit with 6″ heels, her hair glamorously styled and glided rather unperturbed by the harsh and unforgiving  London weather. I could not take my eyes off her,  I followed her through her order and as she gracefully waltzed through the  tightly set cafe furnishings, her path brought her within touching distance. The dim light of the cafe caught her amazing hazel brown eyes and for a flighting moment we bonded.

She sat two tables from me and my admiration for her only grew. She was a stunning beauty with  exquisite facial features and a cappuccino brown completion. She had  oriental shaped eyes, with a perfectly sculptured body  propped up by a pair of long  slender model legs. A heavenly sight for sore gloomy eyes.

My desire to just say something got the better of me and I mustered all of my courage and charm, got out of my cosy warm chair, walked over to her table  and said “Hi I’m Eden”.

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger * Written By Eden 

Look out for the next part of Eden’s story coming very soon 🙂

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