The Summer Rendezvous

Laylah R Taylor

Deep in London Town there was a young woman, she had desires and dreams to become something greater than her means. Her outlook was optimistic, however she still felt glum on occasion. For she believed in the power of romance and the insatiable thirst for lust. Daily tasks were becoming tedious, there was an underlying frustration. She knew what it was. The question inside her remained, who deserved it?


Pamela was in her late 20’s, she graduated from university having obtained a degree in fashion. Her life consisted of designing and creating garments. It was one of her greatest passions. She had dated different types of men, however they all seemed to have the same underlying traits. When she made this realisation, she undertook her own personal journey of understanding herself.  Taking the time to Learn about the things that she loved and valued about herself. She dissected the things that she didn’t like and created her own soul plan, to improve her outlook. This became an intense journey and it took Pamela 2 years to reach her new-found freedom. This is where it begins Pamela’s Summer Rendezvous. 


Well, I am the one and only Pamela Stevens. Fantasist, eccentric, fashion pioneer, I am who I am so if you are slightly prudish or simply boring. Than perhaps my rendezvous is not for your eyes. I have a passion for fashion, what a cliché saying. It is however true, I spend most of my spare time designing, or thinking about designs. There was only one issue I was facing, I needed to spend some time designing my own life, creating my own destiny.

Whilst on my way to a fitting, my eyes drifted over to a well-groomed gentleman. He was engrossed in his morning paper and peered over slightly to keep aware of his surroundings. He had Jet black hair and the facial hair of a god. I love beards, they just bring out the true male essence. As I said before I love manly men. I decided to shop should I say, out of my comfort zone. I refuse to date the same old types of men , carrying the same energy that does nothing but bring me down. I strolled over to the coffee shop where he sat. Our eyes connected at the same time, it was invigorating. As I ordered my large cappuccino with an extra espresso shot, he was there, standing behind me.

His energy was intense, I mean Ive experienced many things but none quite like this. It felt almost as if he had stepped into my aura field, he was penetrating me emotionally. The hairs on the back of my neck became alive, sending a wave of sweet sensation down my back, passing through my thighs to my feet. I felt alive, aroused even. He smelt incredible, delicious. He had on a dangerous aftershave, the type to make you want to fuck on the floor right at that moment. As I turned around to leave, he walked into me slightly. Just enough for his entire presence to stop me in my tracks. As I looked up he had a gentle undressing smile, piercing hazel eyes and his voice went through my core.

He asked me to wait a moment whilst he ordered his coffee, I obliged and sat for a moment. Watching this man in awe. He was 5”8, which means his a little taller than me. The perfect height for kissing. I was indeed lusting all over this man. As he walked over to me, his smile had become brighter showing his teeth. Pearly white and a wonderful attribute to a handsome face. He finally introduced himself, his name was Issac and he was 34. Interesting, I was 27 at the time but I knew straight away he was a venture, I wanted to get under or on top of. I didn’t mind which way.

We exchanged numbers and I was so heavily side-tracked. I went home instead. I had to rearrange my fitting for another day. I laid on my bed for a while daydreaming, questioning what exciting things were to come, one thing I did know. My panties were soaking, if he only needed to utter a few words to get this reaction. I stood no chance. There is one upside, I treated myself to a Rocks Off Unihorn. A sweet little toy that will make you orgasm within moments, I guess you can tell where I’m going with this. At that moment all I could imagine was him, Isaac. Undressing me with his strong hands, teasing me with his fingers. I needed to feel his lips against my skin, his tongue caressing my neck to my breasts. Whilst his hands explore my lower regions. He runs his tongue down my navel, making me release the biggest groan, his mouth is on my clit, his tongue taking me to places unknown……..

The reality at this present moment is that we will return next week with Chapter 2 of the Summer Rendezvous. 1.06.2018

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