Happiness and Self Love Update

Laylah R Taylor

Good Morning Wonderful people!

This morning take the time to reflect on what is making you happy and unhappy. This applies to both men and women, when I say happiness is not hard, it isn’t supposed to feel like a chore or like your trapped. It isn’t supposed to hurt or make you angry. Being happy begins with you and what you are willing to allow to upset you. It is true, when they say we should pick our battles carefully. When you reach the stage that you have to battle to be heard, or battle to see who does what first. The battle is already lost. When setting out on your journey of self-discovery, you like myself have dreams and ambitions. You have ideal things that you seek within someone and sometimes can be hurt when they do not meet the image we created in our mind.

The mind is the most powerful thing we have, it’s how we function and how we envisage the next stages of our life journey. As this is a follow on from the Instagram account @laylahsboudoir, it is important that I address the impact of social media and relationships with others and yourself.

 When embarking on your journey if you are single, take the time to step back and look at how much time you spend on social media what fun, exciting thing could you be doing instead? What important thing could you be doing to make your life better. Often, we want to attract love, but what if is as unhealthy as the love you had before? Focusing on yourself will put you in the right place at the right time to attract what is it that you want.

 If you are in a relationship, social media should not be a factor in your relationship. This is where trust and communication play a part, but these are things you must be ready for. Stop embarking on half - hearted journeys with people if you know you do not want anything other than a liaison to put it politely. We are in a social media crisis; Did you know that you are beautiful or handsome just as you are. Did you know that if you spent those same 5-10 minutes having a conversation with your partner or just being at peace with yourself, instead of being on your phone. You could learn something new about yourself or each other. What would you like to truly invest your time in.

 We all make life choices, but it’s precisely that a CHOICE. Things can change rapidly day to day. You never know what blessings are coming your way, if you focus on the things that make you unhappy that is precisely were you will stay. What about what makes you happy? When you spend time to appreciate yourself, you begin to feel better. We need to adopt this into our daily lives because what happens is that, you begin to do better, attract better things, people, opportunities.

Many of us pressure ourselves to stay in situations for the sake of other important factors I.e children. But what do you think it does to a child when they see your underlying sadness. We are all human beings. At times we choose to react to things in the wrong ways because it’s easy. But what if you chose to change the way you act. Instead of meeting that same emotional level of sadness or anger, change the energy of the conversation. Sometimes we need to take a second to breathe to think things through. Stop being so hard on yourself and let your heart guide you to what is true to you. Whether you’re single or in a relationship start building on yourself mentally and working through your emotions. You can even do it together . Doing things alone can be equally rewarding to you.

Now you may be wondering how this all links together, over the next few weeks I will be discussing different topics which will lead to how they can impact your wellbeing and intimacy levels. Sometimes working on the smaller things can create the biggest impact. Often, we do not realise how stressed out we are until the stresses are dealt with or removed.

Laylah’s Boudoir is designed to boost confidence, self-love and inner growth. We can all indulge in adult activities, but what makes love to the mind and soul?  If you have any further questions about this article, please email

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