Rock's Off Ro-Mona Review

Laylah R Taylor

Well my review is finally here Ladies and Gents!

Now I chose Rock’s off Ltd for my first toy because I’m familiar with some of their previous bullets. Rocks Off Ro- Mona has an incredibly sleek design. I quite like the vibrant purple, it is heavier than my other bullets, which I feel compliments the sensations.

Yes, it made me orgasm but not quite in the way I expected. Due to the weight of this bullet, the vibration is highly intense you can feel it everywhere.  I am used to very intense orgasms, especially when I use Rocks Off Toys. But the Ro-Mona is more than just an orgasm. Its about the sensations it gives you, it’s like being teased beyond belief before allowing you to climax. It has 10 different speed rhythms and I must admit they all leave you wanting more.

Whilst using the toy solo, I was able to fully experience what I was looking for. However, using this toy with a partner can make this your new guilty pleasure. Foreplay is essential to sex on a whole, if your pondering your thoughts wondering if you should add something new to kick things up a notch. This would be a complimentary tool too any passionate couple. As women we all know exactly how we like to have sex and how we like to be sexually pleased. So that makes the Ro-Mona perfect. Whether you want a quick or long-lasting orgasm this purple beauty is the one for you. I love toys, but the quest for finding my new favourite has been challenging. Ro-Mona is going to be placed in the Top 5 of Riat Toys. I haven’t used this in any water based settings as of yet, but I will be back with an update to tell you how durable it is.

P.S: For beginners, a bullet is an incredible way to get to understand your body and what you like. It will give you an incredible orgasm and I personally use Rocks Off in my personal life. So I know that they’re products work very well.  Learning how to relax yourself to reach the greatest heights of pleasures is an accomplishment. Be proud of yourself and your body. We all orgasm, don’t be shy now and get your Rock’s Off!!