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You Know What? Harness The Goddess Within


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You Know What? Harness The Goddess Within

This workshop is aimed at women who are interested in working with goddess energy.

This workshop will be focused at looking at the different Goddesses that can be used on a daily basis.

-We will explore how to connect to Goddess energy and how to reactivate your Feminine Devine at times of depletion.

-You will learn a range of meditation techniques and mindfulness specifically to your routine.

- Learn about how and why Goddess energy can be highly effective and why you must have an understanding before engaging

-This workshop includes confidence building exercises, so must be able to work as part of a team.  

You will receive your own Goddess work pack which will include:

Im A Goddess box 

Goddess Candle 

-Goddess Bath

-Goddess Notebook

-Goddess Oil 

Goddess Workpack

-Notebook for the session 

-Daily Affirmations 


 - Free access for 3 months to our monthly webinars

- Access to Weekly Goddess Updates and Astrology updates 

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