Personal Development

What is personal development?

Personal development is all about YOU! 

It's about the things you would like to understand about yourself and realising the importance of the journey that you have encountered. 

Often we can be a tough self critic, this is not necessary. We must learn to accept ourselves and what we truly want from the world. 

What do you do ?

All development sessions are 45 minutes to ensure that you can retain the information your receiving and it also allows you time to digest the realisations you will make for yourself.

Within the sessions, we will discuss things you feel are hindering your progress and create an active action plan for you to implement positive changes within your world. We will also take into consideration any external factors that may have an impact on your daily routine. 

How does it work ?

Personal development sessions are available for a minimum of 3 sessions. With a discount for members of Kings and Queens of Riat (Our professional creative network.) Please email for more info. 

You will receive your own comprehensive personal development guide. This guide will help you stay focused so that you can achieve your goals. It will also provide you with information on external parties that can offer assistance if you are suffering with any mental health issues. 

Why do we offer these classes ?

These classes are beneficial to anyone who wants more from their current situation or personal journey. Although we do Sexual wellness, what is any of these things without self love being at the very core. 

We aim to help and inspire as many women and men as possible on their journey of self discovery in a way that is comfortable for them. 

Age restrictions apply over 21's only