Riat Queens And Kings

Welcome Fellow Queens And Kings 

Hello and welcome to Riat - We are a huge company and are constantly branching out. Thank you to all of our customers and consumers for their support and custom on this incredible journey. 

It's time to give back!

We aim to continue our journey with many of you on your creative journeys. This network is more than connecting like minded creatives. It's about encouraging you to shine brightly through your business.

Often it can be hard when you are trying to launch your own business, you can face setback and end up being your own worst enemy.

We will be hosting a range of networking events to help you boost your creative business. Working with Models,Artists,Photographers and Digital Creators to bring your business professional standards at affordable costs.

So how does it work? 

We offer standard memberships to all members depending on the length of contract. Contracts are between 6-12 months. This membership entitles you to

- Daily Advertising via Social media 

- Custom Feature on our blog

-  Custom links connected to our site ( we receive around 10,000 views per month on our site with another 3,000 on our main blog site)

- Access to a range of contacts that will help you within your chosen field

- You will have the opportunity to broadcast your business via our YouTube channel 

- Exclusive event day invites. ( All creatives will attend you will have the opportunity to shoot your products and connect with the other members)

- You receive Store Discounts which can be extended to classes and workshops

- You will be the first to gain access to all events before they are open to the public

- You will be invited to attend a monthly webinar to discuss progress and any business related issues. 


How much does it Cost ?

Memberships run on a 6 - 12 month basis. 

6 months - £200 - Riat Members Discount - £180 

12 months - £400 Riat Members Discount - £300

Payments can be made in instalments - For more information please email info@riaterotica.co.uk