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IMTOY Candy Kegel Trainer


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The Candy is a smart Kegel exercising Ball for women which uses an app to track your workouts and keep you motivated. The ball contains a pressure sensor and pressure data made by your pelvic floor muscles is transmitted to the app for collation and analysis.

The exercising ball has a 33mm diameter which means the Candy is comfortable and suitable for the majority of women

Incorporated into the storage case of Candy is an ultraviolet ray that passes through specialised glass, sterilising the Candy completely. This innovative technology kills over 270 different kinds of bacteria. After your workout, just rinse Candy with water and place in the storage unit for sterilising.

The Candy’s outer skin is made of 100% medical grade silicone. It is super soft, super quiet, temperature resistant, non-toxic, non-irritant, waterproof and hypoallergenic.

Easy Charging – Wireless charging – no ports, no bacteria, no problem!